If you're TIRED of dealing with terrible skin, crazy hair loss & unpredictable periods, this course is for you.

Get the ANSWERS you need to finally take control of your crazy hormones

I'm guess you can relate to some of the following situations...

> Waking up in the morning & heading straight to the mirror to assess your skin for new breakouts, which you ALWAYS seem to have

> Having to constantly pluck, shave & wax to get rid of dark hairs all over your body & face, making you feel like you're part ape

> Dreading going clothes shopping, because you feel so uncomfortable in your body & can't find anything to cover the 'spare tire' around your middle

> Not knowing when you period is going to show up because its so irregular, or hasn't been around for YEARS

> Getting anxiety about washing/brushing your hair, because you are scared to see how much hair you lose

> Worrying about your future health, fertility & whether or not you'll be able to have children some day

Am I right that you need help with trying to figure everything out?

I bet you spend hours each week, searching the internet for answers?

I'm sure you feel like you are doing 'all the right things', but haven't noticed any real improvements, & now feel stuck?

Well, look no further. Enter...


Here's a sneak peak behind the scenes of PCOS SUCCESS & what is included in the course curriculum



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Hey there 👋🏼

I'm Vivien, a fully qualified nutritional therapist with a PASSION for women's health. I've been where you are right now, & I want to help.

To get the best results, I combine the latest scientific research, with ancient naturopathic wisdom, & my goal is to help you move from hormonal chaos to hormonal harmony.

The strategies shared in this course have helped me, plus 100's of my PCOS clients overcome their cystic acne, hair loss & period problems.

My goal is teach you how to support your hormones, so that you can live the life you deserve & achieve your goals - whether that's to start a family or just feel confident in your skin!


"I would really recommend this course, as I feel a lot of women need accurate information for PCOS. There really is no help from the NHS or conventional doctors and when you look online, there is so much wrong information"
- Sinead 29

"It's particularly useful having the insulin connection explained to me - nobody teaches you these things! Also, the specifics of how to follow the generic tips e.g. yes, 'remove toxins', but what does that actually mean ?"
- Eleanor, 23

"Every lecture I have been through has been great and easy to understand. You can work through the content at your own pace which is wonderful. I think it would help anyone who is struggling with PCOS because Vivien discusses the different PCOS 'sub-types' and how it's caused"
- Kelsie, 28.

"Vivien provides easy to understand explanations and handouts, plus the additional resources and references were great. I'm a big believer in cross checking and researching things myself, so it's great that she provided these, to allow me to look into specific areas myself!"
- Marnie, 27

"I really appreciated the doctors letter which is included in the 'Blood Tests to Request' section. I've spoken to doctors for years about PCOS and have been unable to get a diagnosis/motivate doctors to investigate the issue further. This letter is an excellent, informative, and hopefully motivating tool to help women get the information they need"
- Charlotte, 37

Finally get the answers that you want & deserve, by making that first step & signing up today!


Learn how to fuel your body correctly, regulate blood sugar/insulin levels & lower inflammation by using 'medicinal foods' & specific techniques


Discover the importance of circadian rhythm, movement, gut health & sleep for hormonal health. Understand the science, then feel confident enough to implement some simple strategies


Feel supported with the many support guides, videos & additional resources I share. These include a 'hormone friendly' recipe book, detox support guides, product/supplement recommendations, FAQ's & much more!

Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to complete the course?

This is totally up to you! Technically, it will take around 4-5 hours in total to work through the course content (not including the many hours of additional podcast recordings that are linked to), but you can go through the course at whatever pace you wish.

When should I start to notice symptom improvement?

Again, it really depends on how much effort & work YOU put into making the changes. But, many of the beta testers who went through the course first, noticed a different to things like energy levels, sleep quality, sugar cravings & mood pretty quickly. With any hormonal imbalance, you need to give things time to work, especially if its skin, hair or menstrual cycle related.

How long do I have access to the course for?

FOREVER! You can access from all your devices, plus I have made everything downloadable, so you can save/print some of the material too if you'd like. Plus, you will still get access when I add more content & make updates over the years.

Do you offer refunds?

Because I think you are going to get awesome results & all the course material is downloadable, the course will be non refundable



Single payment

Refund policy: Because I think you are going to get awesome results & all the course material is downloadable, the course will be non refundable